Product Name : Linx 8900

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Flexible coder with 3-line coding and barcode printing capability Large, colour touch-screen for quick and simple code setup Simple self-service with up to 18 months between services Quick-change fluid cartridges IP55-rated stainless steel enclosure Real-time output measurement and line stoppage logs – maximise your line efficiencies


The Linx 8900/8910 CIJ printers make operation, reliability and efficiency easier than ever, so you can spend more time coding, and increasing output from your production line.

Both models print up to 3 lines of text, barcodes, symbols and numbers from 1.8mm to 8.8mm high, with the Linx 8910 coding up to 20mm high. The Linx 8900 and 8910 are flexible coding options for both primary and secondary packaging.


Printing capability

  • 3 lines of text, symbols, numbers, barcodes
  • Data Matrix and QR codes
  • Character height from 1.8mm to 8.8mm
  • Maximum print speed 2.92m/s (single line of code – 8900)
  • Maximum print speed 6.25m/s (single line of code – 8910)
  • Carton coding option with character height up to 20mm
  • Rotated character (‘tower’) printing

Programming features

  • WYSIWYG screen with icons, drag-and-drop field positioning, and zoom function for longer messages
  • USB port for copy and back-up of message and printer settings, and for easy transfer of messages between printers, and downloading of output and line stoppage logs
  • Message store of up to 1000
  • Real-time output measurement on screen
  • Output and line stoppage logs
  • Screen saver shows real-time on/off target indication
  • Customisable top screen for most frequently used features

Physical characteristics

  • 10” colour touch screen
  • Stainless steel enclosure
  • IP55 (washdown) as standard
  • 2m conduit as standard, with 4m and 6m options
  • Weight 24kg
  • No factory air required

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